Isotropic Rubberized Magnetic Piece Rolls

Isotropic Rubberized Magnetic Piece Rolls


Product ID: K-801

Product Specifications/Features:

  1. One-piece-forming, single-sized, in superb magnetism, with quality meeting Europe, U.S. and Japan standards, random enlargement on space length, whole roll processed for shipment.

  2. Easy for back-gluing, back-PVC, printing & punching, freely tailoring.

  3. Polished, even and quality-sensing surface, applied to advertisements, promotions, stationery, gifts, educational articles as optimal magnetic materials.

  4. Optimized width as 610cm, single-roll package, easy to carry.

  5. Customized and tailored to clients’ requested sizes. Small pieces are punched for greater convenience and availability.

  6. Perfect punched pieces, both with polished and neat surface, in super stabilized magnetism for added fancy look.

  7. Made to customer’s requests, either in complete punching cut or simply keeping protective membrane uncut.

  8. Punching shapes: round, square and styling, etc.



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